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You enjoying your ergonomic chair, aren't you?

As you should, that is why you bought it! The same should be true of your product and its users... they will buy into your product because it delivers an ergonomic way to carry out their tasks. Predictability and ease of use go a long way to make sure that your product has a vibrant and loyal fan following.

What happens after the task is complete?

Our Usability team will ask such questions only to answer them with Design Recommendations that deliver a highly usable product. We specialize in front-ends that effectively balance interface elements to provide the user adequate feedback and function - Intelligence is cool... it gets annoying when you try to be too cool.

Your users already have a solution, ever asked them?

They may have found a way to reduce the time taken on a task by opening multiple browser windows - the two actions can be put on the same screen. This makes their inputs all the more important and you just need to ask them the right questions - their actions will do the talking... We conduct Usability Evaluations, User Testing & Expert Reviews that help you understand how your product is used, and can be enhanced.

Does your customer-support bear the brunt of your design ?

Too many customer support calls for simple stuff? In some cases, it is inevitable, but in most cases just drains your resources and is a telling sign of trouble with your product. A usable product works for a varied set of users - novice to expert. The product should communicate labels, task instructions and directions intuitively, and in a language easily understood by the widest cross-section of your audience.

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The redesigned interface that Paper Plane created for us had a very positive impact on the usability of the application and, by extension, on our clients.
Biji Joseph, HDFC Securities

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Reason #5: Your tech partner can't hide the nuts and bolts!
Let us give your app a face lift. We'll fit into your dev cycle and give your product a spanking new front-end.

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